IT Monitor Recommendations


If possible, bring your existing monitor home from work (this is an acceptable reason to come to the Lab). Don’t forget to bring the power cord and an appropriate cable. Please do not handle any equipment you feel you cannot safely move.

Check with your supervisor and email your Div Property Representative to tell them you’ve taken the monitor home.

If it is not possible or feasible to use your LBL monitor, a monitor may be purchased with supervisor approval.

To Order a new monitor:

1. Get supervisor approval.

2. Select a monitor from the list below.

3. Ask your requisition preparer to create a requisition. Do not use Division pCard or ebuy. Do not pay for the item and seek reimbursement.

4. Ensure the requisition indicates that supervisor approval has been received AND contains the location (e.g. your home) to directly send the monitor to.

NOTE: The Monitors below are Recommended by IT but you are not limited to purchasing from this list. The monitors below fluctuate in price and availability may be limited. Please be flexible with your monitor requests and work with your Division Pcard Holder or Procurement to find a suitable solution.

Monitors Under $400

Monitors $400 and up