FAQs for Remote Work During COVID-19

These FAQs are specific to remote work during COVID-19. See also:

Labwide COVID-19 FAQs (Not IT Specific)

Regular IT FAQ

General FAQs

Q1: What IT systems will be operational if the Lab is physically closed?

A1: All centrally managed IT systems are anticipated to be operational, provided that the Lab continues to allow key personnel to return to the Laboratory to conduct emergency repair work. This includes productivity and collaboration applications, support services, and IT HPC services.

Q2: If I am going to work remotely using a PC, will I be able to access my Google files? What about with a mobile device?

A2: All services are anticipated to be available as normal including G Suite. If you have specific questions, please visit help.lbl.gov.

Q3: Can employees VPN in from international locations?

A3: Yes, there are no technical restrictions on remote access from international locations. International travelers should ensure that they have supervisor approval and export control approval as appropriate for ongoing international telecommuting. Note that some hotels, sites, and countries may restrict outgoing VPN connections. Please contact help.lbl.gov if you need assistance with remote access.

Q4: If everyone is telecommuting, can systems handle that?

A4: Yes. Note that most work at LBL can be accomplished without the use of VPN. For example, G Suite email, training, and other widely used systems do not require VPN to access. If the entire laboratory is telecommuting, IT may provide guidance on limiting the use of VPN to those times when it is absolutely necessary.

Q5: What is the current and expected status of Lab IT systems?

A5: Visit it-status.lbl.gov for information.

A/V Services and Zoom FAQs

Q1: Where can I get basic information about video/audio conference?

A1: Visit the ZOOM FAQ Pages

Q2: What is the capacity of a Zoom meeting?

A2: 300 attendees. If you need a larger meeting, contact av@lbl.gov

Q3: We'd like to host a complicated meeting or conference online. Can you assist?

A3: Yes, IT is prepared to assist you remotely during the curtailment. Please contact av@lbl.gov

Q4: Can I request a live stream to the general public or Lab employees?

A4: Yes, scheduled streams will remain available at https://streaming.lbl.gov/. In addition, Zoom supports direct streaming to Youtube and Facebook LiveQ13: Many conferences are moving to Zoom. How do I check Zoom’s operational status?

A13: Please visit https://status.zoom.us/ for status updates.

Lab and Personally Owned Computers

Q1: What systems can I use to work remotely?

A1: Most employees may use lab issued laptops, take home lab issued desktops/monit7uuuyuo|:?|:

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