Telework at Berkeley Lab

What's New

November 2020

Updated policy for Telework equipment and supplies is now available. Please visit the Property Management Homepage for the newest information on telework equipment and supply use, tracking, and return. Remember: All items purchased by the Laboratory, regardless of whether or not they are tagged (i.e. have a barcode), are Government Property and must be returned to the Laboratory on request or at the end of your relationship with the Laboratory.

October 2020

Visit for information on collaboration tools to help keep your teams together.

June 2020

On June 15, Laboratory leadership approved new policies and procedures addressing the ergonomic and productivity needs of the Laboratory's teleworkers. These new policies and procedures have been rolled out and details can be found at

As always, you are expected to demonstrate good stewardship of taxpayer funds and to work with your supervisor to ensure you comply with any requirements established by your project or division.

Here is a summary of what has changed:

  • Ergonomic Chairs: A small number of ergonomic chairs will be available on the new eBuy telework catalog for self-service ordering and drop ship to employees homes. Chairs require supervisor approval; no additional approvals are needed from EHS Ergonomics Team. Where needed, the Laboratory will have the ability to ship one chair to an employee's home. Please carefully read the Telework Shopping Guide for Chairs page for assistance in choosing the right chair for your needs.

  • Ergonomic & Telework Accessories: An eBuy telework catalog, specifically for approved ergonomic and telework accessories is now available. This catalog will allow self-service ordering of these pre-approved items, direct shipping to employees' homes and will not require approval by the EHS Ergonomics Team. There are helpful Telework Shopping Guides: Ergonomics Accessories & IT Accessories to help you select the right items for you. Please go to eBuy telework catalog for full listing of available telework accessories and supplies.

  • New Ergonomic Training and Work Planning Requirements: It is recommended that all staff update their online office self-assessment (EHS0058) for their work location where they are spending >50% of a work day. An additional training course: EHS0054 - Telework Ergonomics Training will also be required to be completed by all employees who telework. Divisions will have the option of utilizing a new Telework Work Planning and Control (WPC) activity and/or integrate telework-specific hazards and controls into an existing activity. There is a helpful guidance document explaining the changes to Telework WPC.

  • Consultation Required for Certain Ergonomic Accessories: Some ergonomic accessories, primarily sit-stand converters and desks require a consultation with EHS Ergonomics before they can be ordered. Contact

Here's what has not changed:

  • Safety: If you are experiencing discomfort, stop work and talk to your supervisor and EHS Ergonomics at

  • Chairs: You are not permitted to take your office chair (or any other furniture) away from the Laboratory.

  • Work Surfaces: Consult with EHS Ergonomics if you are facing challenges with your home work surface (desk).

  • Computers, Monitors, and Accessories: If you need your computer, monitor, or other accessories from the Lab to support telework you must obtain permission from your supervisor and coordinate with your Division to arrange for an incidental visit and property tracking. Employees expected to split their time between the Laboratory and home should discuss options with their supervisor. Computers can be ordered via IT or through your local IT support for Science Divisions.


Here are some options to help you find the right chair and ergonomic accessories for your telework location.

Visit the Shopping Guide to learn how to use and access the eBuy Telework catalog and view the full catalog.

Learn about the chair options available to you via the new Telework eBuy catalog.

Learn about the IT accessories available to you via the new Telework eBuy catalog.

Learn about ergonomics accessories available to you via the new new Telework eBuy catalog.

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Get To Your Work

The majority of Lab services are already easily accessible from any place on the Internet, with no special configuration required. You can access Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and the rest of the Google Suite with no special setup. You can access many other Lab web applications, such as Zoom, Training, and LETS without special configurations. However, there are a few cases where you will need additional technology in place to work from home. The most common cases are using applications that are only accessible from the Lab network (such as FMS) or accessing files on a shared drive, or accessing software or data on your work computer.

TIP: Think you might need access to your desktop at work but you've never configured remote access before? Make things easy by using Chrome Remote Desktop.

Keep Up With Your Team

Remote work has many advantages, but it can be hard to keep up with the members of your team. Luckily, IT has a variety of tools to help you stay connected.

  • Use Zoom for Audio and Video Conferences (you can also use Hangouts:Meet)

  • Stay in Touch With Your Team With Google Chat (like #slack).

  • Learn More About Collaborating With Google Drive

Get Your Work Done

You might need...

  • Quick Access to LBL Applications -

  • Need software? Visit

  • Need to sign documents remotely? Try HelloSign (not for Protected PII)

  • Need to send or receive faxes? Learn more about fax options?

Stay Safe

Whether you're using a computer that hasn't been turned on for awhile, or using a personal device for work for the first time, we want you to stay secure and safe.

Cyber Security Guidelines for Personally Owned Devices

  • The most important thing you can do for cyber security is make sure your devices, both operating system and applications, are updated and using the current version.

  • Review the Lab's Minimum Security requirements and make sure you are meeting these requirements on any device you use for Lab work.

  • Sophos Antivirus is available for home computers at

Stay Alert for Phishing (including COVID-19 themed phishing)

  • Attackers take advantage of current events to make phishing more relevant and attractive; we expect this to happen with COVID-19.

  • Continue to report suspicious emails to

Use Good Ergonomic Practices