IT Printer Recommendations


The Laboratory generally discourages the purchase of personal printers and scanners. Documents can be photographed by smartphones, PDFs can be read and filled out online, and HelloSign can be used for signatures.

If a particular position requires a personal printer for home use during this period, the employee should seek supervisor approval. If there is already a suitable printer available through your Division, the employee should bring that item home and notify the Division Property Rep.

If no suitable printer is available, consult for recommendations and then submit a requisition as described for monitors above.

To Order a new printer:

1. Get supervisor approval.

2. Select a printer. Consult IT’s recommended printer list.

3. Ask your requisition preparer to create a requisition. Do not use Division pCard or eBuy. Do not pay for the item and seek reimbursement.

4. Ensure the requisition indicates that supervisor approval has been received AND contains the location (e.g. your home) to directly send the printer to.

Recommended Models